Greece / isl. Corfu

Corfu Island is considered the pearl of Greece and the Ionian Sea. This is an amazingly beautiful place with majestic landscapes, excellent beaches (both absolute private and full of entertainment for every taste and wealth), warm emerald sea water and, of course, echoes of rich history found everywhere on the island.

The absence of large cities gives the special charm. There is only one big city - the capital of the island. All other towns, villages and settlements are small enough, which allowed them to retain a mouthwatering Greek flavor. Despite its size, almost every town can offer a wide choice of entertainment, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. Spending time in Corfu, you should definitely try the local cuisine - seafood, Greek wine, cheese, olives and fragrant honey.

Corfu has many places where you can spend time with a lot of fun. Family vacation lovers may visit water park, lovers of history and archeology may go to the Archaeological Museum, where one can enjoy the old Greek orchestra in addition to various exhibits. Make a trip to the Soap Factory and Museum which is a truly unique company famous for the production of soap according to a special recipe and only with natural ingredients.

The island of Corfu is a fascinating place. Plan an independent trip to Corfu, during which you can perfectly do without a guide if you are slightly acquainted with the history of the island. Travel around Corfu by car - it’s a real pleasure. You can visit the unique places that are not included in the standard program of guided tours, visit the most remote beaches of the island and enjoy the peace, tranquility and the infinite beauty of this corner of Greece. You can choose to explore the Old and New Byzantine fortresses housing the museum and the Navy base. The Cathedral and its marvelous icons (XVI century), the Saint Spyridon Church - patron of Corfu, Achilleion Summer Palace of Elizabeth of Austria in the region of Gastouri - all these attractions will give a very special pleasure if admiring them away from the tourist crowds.

Corfu is rich in monuments of ancient architecture like no other Greek Island. It has Paleokastritsa - ancient Christian monastery, Mount Pantokrator - the highest point of the island, ancient outposts Gardiki and Angelokastro surrounded by olive groves, citrus bushes, lots of flowers and shrubs. There is even a part of Paris in Corfu - the prototype of the Rue de Rivoli, the Liston - the center of social life of the island with trendy boutiques and restaurants at every step.

Corfu beaches deserve special attention - most of them are with fine white sand, often teeming with caves, grottoes and branched tunnels, picturesque and unique, but always equally beautiful in the original splendor or in the harmonious city comfort. Even the most experienced traveler can find his own piece of paradise in Corfu, whether it is a secluded beach, noisy and crowded towns, sea travel to the islands of the Ionian Sea, samples of cultural heritage or ancient monuments.

Corfu tourism industry is very developed and diverse. Hotels of the island offer visitors a variety of rooms for any budget. Those tourists, who prefer comfort, often try to rent a villa or apartments in Corfu. It is also possible to rent a cottage in Corfu.