Pieria and Mount Olympus

Greece / Pieria, Olimp

In the south of Central Macedonia, at the foot of Mount Olympus, there stretches picturesque Pieria. This touristic area with a total area of ​​1516 square kilometers is ideal for active, cultural and beach holidays. Tourists will find what to do in each of the four parts of the region: the northern, southern, central and Mount Olympus.

North Pieria annually attracts thousands of nature lovers. It hides a rare ecological phenomenon - Alikes Kitrus lagoon. It is home to 170 species of rare birds.

South Pieria is charming for stunning scenery and waters of the sky-blue color. Ancient monuments, golden beaches, lush greenery, picturesque taverns and exotic in all its manifestations will make an impression on visitors.

Central Pieria is popular for its resort villages. This is where you can relax, have fun and meet with friendly locals.

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Europe. According to Greek legends, it’s the habitat of the gods: Zeus reigned on this land. Here tourists will find 6 functioning Orthodox monasteries, the immortal Dion, ancient theater, open-air museum, rich flora and fauna and stunning scenery.


Pieria is famous for its mild climate. The average temperature in spring is 20 degrees, in summer - 29 degrees, in autumn - 23 degrees, in winter - 15 degrees above zero. In spring, there may be rains and high waves, and in the beginning of summer - cold sea. However, any season will delight tourists, because hospitable Pieria has a lot of surprises for its guests.


The land of Pieria is rich in its cultural heritage. The variety of natural and manmade splendor with a glorious history will not leave you indifferent.

Ancient Pydna is a Greek trade center. A few years ago they have found hundreds of tombs and graves from different eras in the city. Many of them are perfectly preserved in the Archaeological Museum, keeping ancient weapons, jewelry made of precious metals, clay and glass, as well as many statues and coins.

Byzantine Castle of Platamon is a majestic octagonal building situated in the southern part of Pieria. It has witnessed the terrible events that led to the death of hundreds of people.

The ancient city of Zeus or Dion is the real pride of Greece. A small area of ​​land has preserved many secrets and mysteries. They still conduct archaeological excavations here, while the local Archaeological Museum allows everyone to plunge into the world of legends and fairy tales.

The Holy Monastery of St. Dionysius in Olympus is the world famous pilgrimage site on the slope of the gorge in the heart of Mount Olympus. For 500 years the local monks have been collecting the relics of saints, which help heal not only the soul but also the body.


Tourists will find all sorts of entertainment in Pieria. Couples will love the resort villages which offer good conditions for a comfortable and quiet holiday. Young ladies will be able to enjoy the gentle rays of the sun and visits to the countless shops. Furs are women's weakness. In Pieria, you will find over a hundred fur stores. You will definitely find your cherished dream in one of them. Active tourists are offered all kinds of extreme sports: diving, climbing, mountain biking, skiing, rafting, and even a jeep safari.


Pieria is rich in its eco-friendly sandy beaches. They are all well equipped for your comfort. The most popular of them are:
1. Neoi Poroi - sandy beach with picturesque views of the Olympus. They offer different types of water transport.
2. Platamon - sand and pebble beach surrounded by lush vegetation. There is a port for the mooring of small boats.
3. Panteleimonas - sand and pebble beach located in the foothills of Mount Olympus. It has accessible sport areas for outdoor activities: tennis, basketball and volleyball.
4. Skotina - sand and comfortable beach in a picturesque corner of Pieria at the foot of Mount Olympus.
5. Plaka Litochoro - picturesque coast covered with golden sand and small pebbles.
6. Leptokarya - sand and pebble beach surrounded by rich vegetation.
7. Gritsa - sand and pebble beach located close to the ancient city of Dion.
8. Olympiaki Akti - quiet sandy beach, several kilometers long, with access to the shallow sea.
9. Variko - quiet sand and pebble beach in a picturesque corner of Pieria, lying at the foot of Mount Olympus. Secluded beaches are also available.
10. Aliki Kitrus - sandy beach with a port for the mooring of small boats.
11. Makrigialos - well-organized, narrow sandy beach.
12. Korinos Beach - wide, long sandy beach with shallow access to the sea.

Pieria leaves the most pleasant memories and welcomes every tourist with open arms.

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