Greece / Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is the southernmost part of mainland Greece being famous for beautiful nature, as well as for significant number of historical landmarks.

The region’s infrastructure is well developed to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated tourist. Here you can find a large number of entertainment venues, shops, cafes and restaurants. By the way, thanks to national dishes, local wines, olives, sweet honey and fresh cheese, the latter are mandatory listed in all gastronomic guides of Greece. As for a big company of gourmets traveling around the Peloponnese, the best solution would be to rent a house near the sea.

As nowhere else, in the Peloponnese you can trace the remarkable interweaving of past and present of Greece. The peninsula abounds with historic sites, and many of the cities represent a single one continuous attraction, showing great cultural value on a global scale. The birthplace of the Olympic Games – the ancient city of Olympia – is located in the Peloponnese. Ancient Sparta is no less famous. There, in the Archaeological Museum, you can see the bas-reliefs of the sanctuary of Apollo and artifacts from the temple of Athena. The dead city of Mystras, being once a large and thriving center, will give a mysterious taste to your journey. In Mycenae you can see one of the most ancient monuments of architecture – the ramparts with magnificent Lion Gate surrounding the ancient city. This bas-relief was erected during the XIII century BC. A trip to Delphi will take you into the magical world of myths and legends of ancient Greece. Visit the Sanctuary of Apollo and explore Mount Parnassus. Here you can also find the “Navel of the Earth”, or admire the famous Athenian Treasury. Be sure to visit the Museum of Delphi with a huge number of unique exhibits – for example, The Charioteer of Delphi sculpture (V century BC.)

Another incredibly fascinating trip will lead you to the island of Navarino, where you can stroll through the palace of King Nestor. Then you can visit the largest port city of Pylos with Neokastro Fortress and the memorial built in honor of those killed in the Battle of Navarino.

The Peloponnese will amaze tourists by varied and rich holiday. Interesting excursions to the great historical sites, beautiful beach vacation, boat trips and amazingly beautiful nature you can enjoy as much as possible if you have planned a separate trip to the Peloponnese... Whatever type of holiday you choose, the Peloponnese forever remains in your heart as one of the most beautiful places in the world.