Greece / isl. Paros

Paros Island is part of the Cyclades and is washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea. Beautiful nature of the island, excellent beaches and mild climate make Paros a very popular holiday destination. The island is very popular among water sports enthusiasts, as well as among the travelers with kids (even the smallest ones).

Paros has a huge amount of historical attractions, so that the cultural program will be very rich. The oldest operating temple in Greece - Ekatontapiliani church - is located in Paros. This magnificent church has 99 doors and windows. According to the ancient legend, the Greeks win the city of Constantinople as soon as they discover the 100th door. Here you will find the Byzantine Museum. Its exhibits have unique church relics and vestments, as well as ancient silverware and wooden sculptures. No less famous beautiful church of the island - the Church of St. Constantine - is known for unique wooden iconostasis. Next, you can go to the ruins of the temple of the goddess Demeter, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Monastery of Thapsana. Then visit the Archaeological Museum with rich collection of exhibits, the Venetian fortress of the XIII century, the Folklore Museum of Naoussa and the beautiful “Valley of the Butterflies.” Visit the village of Lefkes to explore a truly unique sight - local buildings are arranged in tiers, in the form of an amphitheater, dominated by the snow-white temple of the Holy Trinity. You can also visit the quarries where the famous Parian marble was mined (the temple was built from it). White or pinkish, the local marble has no veins and can transmit light for more than 3 cm. After touring the historic sites, visit one of the beaches of Paros. The beaches of the island are great: clean and crowded, with umbrellas, deck chairs, beach bars and plenty of entertainment, quiet, lost in olive groves, surrounded by rocky cliffs, sandy, sometimes pebbled, diverse but equally wonderful - beach holiday on Paros will please anyone. Paros has a diving school where you can get training and get a certificate. Surfing is no less popular - they even hold regular international competitions. You can also try yacht sailing courses.

Each and every town of the island will offer discos, nightclubs and bars, open until dawn. There are fitness centers and SPA-salons almost everywhere. Tourists vacationing on Paros with children will probably like a visit to the water park - there are lots of water rides, cafes with children's menu, and toy stores. Local restaurants will offer a varied menu - you can choose European cuisine or taste national dishes with Greek wine.

Paros combines all the advantages of the Greek holiday - warm sea, beautiful beaches, rich national cuisine and young wines, excellent service and beautiful nature.