Greece / isl. Zakynthos

The island of Zakynthos (or Zante) is located in the most southern part of the Ionian Islands, being the third largest island of the region. Beautiful nature of Zakynthos, white beaches along the coast, clear sea water of deep emerald color, a variety of entertainment and a huge number of historical attractions captivate even the most discerning travelers at first sight.

Island hotels offer accommodation for every taste and wealth - from inexpensive, but very comfortable and cozy rooms to luxury apartments. Here you can find spacious family rooms, as well as a variety of services for family travelers (playgrounds, swimming pools, game rooms). For a romantic holiday away from the hustle and bustle, you can rent a house by the sea. Sounds of the sea, starry sky and a glass of young Greek wine - what could be more beautiful after a tiring routine?

Start exploring the historical architectural monuments from the capital of Zakynthos, where you can find the bell tower of St. Dionysius. At Solomos Square, which is also the largest area of the city, you can visit the magnificent Byzantine Museum with a rich collection of icons (XVII century). Visit the city library and the Museum of History. St. Mark's Square is famous for its Catholic cathedral, the museum of Solomos and the church of St. Nicholas Mole.

Going further, you can visit the picturesque area near the village of Bohali with majestic ruins of an ancient fortress (the castle dates back to the XII century). This fortress was built by the Venetians on the ruins of Psofida fortress - the ancient acropolis of the island. Near the village of Kampi, you can visit impressive gulfs which can reach a depth of 400 meters. Incredibly beautiful Monastery of Panagia Anafonitria is famous for its Basilica of the XV century with magnificent frescoes, as well as for the ruined tower in the mountain village of Maries. You can then go to the Holy Monastery of Strofades to find the Holy Body of St. Dionysius.

The island of Zakynthos will give the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of beach holiday - active entertainment, boat trips or leisurely bliss in peace and tranquility among the luxurious landscapes. The natural attractions of the island deserve special attention.

Be sure to visit the sea caves of Keri, stone arches at cape Marathia (the rock bridge over the sea) and famous Blue Caves. It is really an amazing place - the sunlight penetrates the cave and gives the water the most unpredictable colors. Take a boat ride to the beaches of Gerakas and Laganas which are part of the National Marine Park. The area is home to rare sea turtle Caretta caretta, listed in the Red Book. For thousands of years these giant reptiles (up to 150 kg) lay their eggs on the sandy beaches of Zakynthos. Do not forget about the famous Navagio Bay (sometimes referred to as “Smugglers Cove”), which is considered the most beautiful place on the island thanks to the white sand beach and milky blue water. The main attraction of the bay is an old dilapidated ship that crashed back in 1982. During a heavy storm the ship was wrecked on the beach after some time wandering in the ocean. This ship called The Panagiotis became a symbol of the island.

The old lighthouse at Skinari, St Nicholas Port, Bay of Laganas, jeep safari tours, scuba diving and much more - holiday in Zakynthos is truly diverse and memorable. Hundreds of thousands of tourists annually visit Zakynthos to explore the countless attractions of this island paradise.