Poros Island

isl. Poros

Poros is a small but very green island of the Saronic Gulf (31 km²). Poros was called Kalavryta in ancient times. It was a haven of Poseidon - god of the seas. Elements of the temple of Poseidon can be found in the heart of the island. Today Poros is a modern tourist destination. The unique beauty of the island makes Poros a very popular destination. Poros is located in the south-western tip of the Saronic Gulf, opposite Argolis in the Peloponnese.

In the main port of Poros you can visit the Archaeological Museum located in Korizi Square and the clock tower - the highest point of the city and the trademark of the island. On one of the green hills of the island there is the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (XVIII century). At the entrance you will find a healing spring of the same name. It is noteworthy that this temple was built entirely on the contributions of residents of Poros. A few kilometers from the capital, you can find the remains of the Russian naval base built in 1834 as a warehouse for the Russian Navy. Following the road along the west coast of Poros beside the naval base, one can see the beautiful large Neorion bay and the beach of the same name. The next beach along the road is called in honor of the infamous Russian naval base. In the summer the remains of a military fort are used as public space for outdoor concerts or theatrical performances.

Devil's Bridge is another must-see of the island. This is an extraordinarily beautiful blooming valley, which is famous for its vibrant vegetation. There is a small bridge over the mountain river, surrounded by intertwined tree branches on all sides. It almost does not have the sunlight, while the sound of water makes this place a truly mystical space. It would be a serious omission to come to Poros and not visit the famous Lemon Forest, which is situated on the coast of the Peloponnese. In May, the thick forest of the Peloponnese exudes such a strong scent that the amazing and intoxicating notes of flowering trees reach Poros. The road there takes less than ten minutes by boat.

The main port is the starting point to visit the rest of the island's attractions. The road, which lies to the northwest, invariably leads to the island's best beach - Neorio. This large beach is surrounded by pine trees and is the most popular resort. The road that runs east from the port, leads to Askeli beach (3 km from the city) with crystal clear and shallow water, which makes this beach an ideal place for families with children. The beaches of Poros are small, shady and quiet, even in the windy days. Many of them are ideal for those who want to enjoy water sports. The island has two clubs offering go kayaking or sailing. Water skiing, wakeboarding and windsurfing are also very popular here. Poros is the ideal place for those who like mountain biking and hiking. Visitors can admire the unique and truly magical views of the Saronic Gulf from the top of the island’s mountains.

How to get to Poros

• From the port of Piraeus by ferry or speedboat
• By car to Galatas (opposite the island of Poros), and then by ferry, which runs regularly - it takes just 15 minutes.