Greece / isl. Milos

Milos - another jewel of the Cyclades - will please tourists with its unusual and very picturesque landscape: bizarre forms, colored soils, majestic cliffs and secluded coves. The volcanic origin of Milos is felt on every inch of the island, giving it its own unique charm.

Milos hides not only the beauty of the surrounding nature, but also a large number of archaeological finds. The world famous sculpture of Aphrodite (can be found in the Louvre) was discovered here. Unique traces of the rich historical heritage of Greece are found in Milos everywhere. Adamas will show you the Church of the Holy Trinity - the most beautiful example of antiquity. You can go on a boat trip from the same place - go around the whole island, admiring its beauty from the sea. In the capital city of Milos, Plaka, it is worth visiting the Church of Panagia Thalassitra, ancient Crusader castle (built by the Franks), Archaeological and Ethnographic museums that store a huge number of unique exhibits. Near Plaka you can find the ruins of the ancient Melos and see the ruins of an ancient temple and a Roman theater. A little further you will find burials of early Christians - the vast catacombs of III century BC. Filakopi settlements will show the development of the culture of the island during the Bronze Age. Filakopi is a sequence of three ancient settlements that were built one after another. The oldest city was founded in the III BC, the next one - in II BC, and the third city - in the XV century. Near Filakopi there is a beautiful natural attraction of Milos - a picturesque sea cave, framed by white cliffs and washed by the emerald sea water. Sykia - another cave of the island located on the western tip of Milos - is no less beautiful. You can get there only from the sea, going from Adamas or from the Monastery of St. John. Another very picturesque and very popular tourist area of ​​Milos is located just south of Sykia cave: small islands scattered across the sea, huge white cliffs and secluded sea cave. According to local beliefs, this wonderful place served once as a refuge for pirates. Lovers of peace and unspoiled nature can go to the desert island of Antimilos, which is famous for its beautiful nature and rare donkeys living there.

Milos holiday is very diverse. It is not limited to examination of historical and natural attractions. The beaches of the island are varied: you can find quiet, peaceful and almost deserted places, or you can go to one of the large, always crowded beaches, where fun does not stop even after sunset. Almost all the beaches of Milos are sandy, while travel and entertainment industry is on a high level. One of the most popular and comfortable beaches are considered to be Paliochori and Provatas.


Milos is famous for its versatility - it is ideal both for family tourists and young people. Quiet beaches will appeal to lovers of comfort and relax. For all outdoor enthusiasts Milos offers lots of night clubs, entertainment centers, bars and taverns working around the clock. Music, dance, national shows - parties follow one another. Restaurants and small cozy cafes can be found at every step. International dishes and, of course, the Greek cuisine with young aromatic wines, olives, delicious cheese - light national dishes will delight even the most demanding visitors. Milos will let you combine active fun with real bliss under the tender rays of the sun, sightseeing and rest in the bosom of beautiful nature, boat trips and visits to the local souvenir shops.