Meganisi Island

Greece / isl. Meganisi

Meganisi is one of the three islands which are often referred to as satellite islands of Lefkada. Meganisi is a small green Ionian secluded island, devoid of giant chains of hotels, inelegant souvenir shops and neon signs of numerous bars.

There are only 3 settlements on the island. Vathy, located on the northeast coast, is the main port of the municipality. This quiet island harbor has no signs of metropolitan rat race. Sailing boats are at berth, while the locals work in the olive groves or in the pastures outside the city. The chefs of several taverns on the island will prepare you a real Greek food according to old recipes, for example, magnificent sea bream. The next village is Spartochori - it has cozy houses, shady courtyards with a maze of narrow cobbled streets. The picturesque village is built on the hill. Here you can find a few taverns and the famous Church of St. John in the south-west. To the west you will find Katomeri - industrial village of the island. There is a hotel, a variety of bars and coffee shops, as well as beautiful beaches.

Beach safaris are the main activity on Meganisi. Most of the coves and bays are left untouched, and some beaches can be reached only if you hire a boat. However, not all the beaches of Meganisi are so difficult to reach. For example, Pasoumaki small beach is just a few kilometers by car outside Vathy. Fanari, Spilia, Ambelakia, Atherinos, Limonari and Bereta are the most visited beaches of Meganisi, attracting tourists with its pristine nature. By the way, here you will find the brightest waters of the Mediterranean.

The Island of Meganisi is an unspoiled place. The island has only one taxi service and no ATMs. Meganisi has only 2000 inhabitants. Soft, natural beauty, hills with stunning views, winding walkways... The coastline of the west is composed of rock formations. Over time, they have turned into a natural work of art with amazing caves. These caves are so large that the Greek submarines hid there during the war, and so old that the legendary Cyclops (monster blinded by Odysseus) lived here. The giant Papanikolis sea cave is the second largest cave in Greece.

There is regular transport connection between Lefkada and Meganisi. The road from Lefkada takes 25 minutes, while the ferry ride from the city to the island takes half an hour. Meganisi has regular bus service that connects the three main settlements of the island.

Meganisi Island is a very green area with crystal clear water, perfect for a romantic trip or for those who wish to get away from the bustle of the busy city. Friendly people, peaceful way of life and varied scenery make it an ideal place for a relaxing holiday.