Greece / isl. Lefkada

Being one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, entwined with vines and covered with lush green olive bushes - the island of Lefkada is located in the Ionian archipelago among the emerald waves of the Ionian Sea.

Different shops, restaurants and cafes are scattered throughout the island. Lefkada is famous for traditional Greek dishes, including many seafood dishes. Unique recipes as well as exclusive local wines, olives and delicious cheese will make every meal a memorable one.

Beach holidays on Lefkada are amazing. Local beaches are very picturesque because of the lush vegetation preserving its original charm to this day. There are very secluded beaches, literally lost in the bush, and there are crowded ones, with a wide variety of all possible beach and water sports. The sea washing the island is crystal-clear, with a very diverse underwater world, making Lefkada an excellent place for scuba diving. Those who want to admire the beauty of the sea may also take advantage of boat trips.

The island is rich in historic attractions. Many buildings of Lefkada have been seriously injured during a serious fire. However, a number of very interesting sights remained untouched. The capital of the island keeps the ruins of the fortress of Agia Mavra, which was built by the great Orsini. The impressive architecture and equally impressive power is hidden inside the ancient churches of the island: Aghios Minas, St. Spyridon, St. Demetrius and the Church of Pantokrator. Archaeological, Ethnographic Museum and Museum of Phonographs will acquaint visitors with the history of Lefkada. You can visit the Art Gallery and explore the magnificent scenery of almost all of the region from the main observation platform located on the mountain near the capital of the island.

It is very popular to walk along the picturesque villages of Lefkada who managed to preserve their ancient customs and traditions to the present day. For example, the village of Karia is known for national embroidery, Enklouvi - for lentil dishes prepared according to old recipes. Kalligoni is known as ancient Lefkada site, while the village of Lygia is famous for stunning beaches and clear sea water.

After a rich cultural program you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the surrounding islands of Lefkada. Kalamos Island is known by majestic mountains, rich flora and stunningly beautiful bays with absolutely clear water. Connoisseurs of complete privacy and relaxation will certainly enjoy a wild ride on the uninhabited islands - Drakonera, Petalas, Arkoudi and Oxia.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities and popular resorts and want to spend time in the beautiful landscapes on a beautiful beach, lapped by the clear sea and surrounded by the majestic cliffs, it's time to go to the island of Lefkada. Holidays in this heavenly place will be equally fascinating, whether you choose a pre-planned tour or private tour to Lefkada.

You may choose one of many hotels and book a cheap room or a luxurious suite. Fans of first-class holiday will certainly be interested in such proposals as renting villas, apartments or cottage on Lefkada.