Greece / isl. Kefalonia

The magnificent island of Kefalonia is one of the largest and most famous of the Ionian Islands. Any kind of holiday - being a well-organized “all inclusive” tour or independent trip to Kefalonia - will give a lot of exciting experiences. Kefalonia is one of the best Greek islands for beach holidays. Diverse beaches of the island will hit the taste of both lovers of solitude and lovers of entertainment and sea recreation. Almost all the beaches of Kefalonia are covered with fine sand - white or reddish - but there are pebble beach resorts as well. Iridescent waters of the Ionian Sea change the color from blue to bottle-green. The best beaches of the island are Andisamos, Makris Gialos, Xi and Myrtos, which has earned fame as the most beautiful beach in Greece. Myrtos has fine white sand, the sea is crystal clear, while the surrounding cliffs provide truly majestic views.

The tourist infrastructure in Kefalonia is well developed. Hotels of different categories, as well as villas or apartments for rent are very popular on the island. In this case, guests will have a whole range of facilities at their disposal. Cottage renting is no less popular. Moreover, you can rent a house in a very picturesque corner of the island and admire the surroundings from the window with a glass of young Greek wine.

Cafes, restaurants, various shops and large shopping centers, souvenir shops and entertainment venues are found everywhere. Kefalonia is famous for local Robola wine, as well as cheese, honey and, of course, olive oil.

Lovers of historical sites won’t have time to be bored. You can start the overview of the archaeological treasures of Kefalonia with Argostoli (the capital of the island). There is something to see - the ancient tombs of the Mycenaean era, the magnificent Roman villa known worldwide for its mosaics. Archaeological museum of the city will amuse with lots of interesting artifacts of antiquity. Moreover, you can visit the Museum of Ethnography and the Korgialenios Library. The nearby town of Fiskardo is famous for its unique architecture, keeping its color and charm since time immemorial. The most picturesque village of Kefalonia is Assos with a magnificent Venetian fortress. The port city of Sami is famous for the ruins of the ancient city. Exploring the ruins of the ancient city of Pali will be equally exciting.

You can visit the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary to admire the miracle that attracts pilgrims from all over the world. During the feast of the Assumption one may see very special snakes - absolutely non-aggressive species with crosses on their heads. Those snakes didn’t come only twice - before the occupation and before the devastating earthquake.

Boat trips around the islands of the Ionian Sea are very interesting as well. During one of them you can visit the unique cave of Melissani. You can only get inside on a boat. There is a beautiful lake at the bottom of the cave, which appeared here after the partial collapse of the cave.

Mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches lapped by emerald waters and combined with divinely beautiful nature and historical monuments scattered all over the island - holidays in Kefalonia are really great.