Greece / isl. Euboea

Euboea - one of the most beautiful Greek islands - is located not far from the Greek mainland, from its eastern side. Moreover, the island and the mainland are connected by two bridges. The island of Euboea is a perfect destination for a leisurely holiday in a quiet area with no big crowds. A private tour to Euboea is the perfect solution for a family holiday - the route can be changed depending on your capabilities and desires.

Despite the lack of people, the tourist infrastructure of the island is well developed. Here you can find hotels of different levels of service and price, rent villa or apartments. As a rule, cottages in Euboea are very popular among family travelers and young people.

There is no shortage of markets, souvenir shops, SPA and entertainment. Lots of cafes and restaurants can be found literally everywhere. The menu offers local cuisine, young Greek wine, cheese, olives and thyme honey.

Euboea is a true beach paradise - it has amazingly beautiful nature, quiet and relaxing atmosphere necessary for a good rest. In addition, there is a choice of different entertainment. Stiri and Kymi villages are famous for water sports: diving and surfing, snorkeling and fishing, water skiing and many other outdoor activities.

In addition to its rich nature, Euboea can boast its rich cultural heritage, the historical roots of which go back to ancient Greek mythology. According to Greek legend, Euboea appeared when Poseidon struck his trident, thus causing an earthquake that cut off a whole island from the mainland. The marriage of Hera and Zeus took place on this island. It is said Hercules would bathe in the waters of the island to regain his legendary strength.

Another legend tells of the fleet of Agamemnon at the Euripus Strait (just between the island and the mainland). The fleet was caught by contrary winds. This unique natural phenomenon may occur at present time. Aristotle himself tried to guess the secrets of the Strait until getting drowned here. The local flow changes direction every 6 hours while pausing for 8 minutes.

During the cultural program you may visit the city of Chalkida - namely the old area of Kastro. There is the beautiful Emir Zade mosque, as well as a beautiful synagogue and the church of Agia Paraskevi, dating back to the XVIII century. In the church of Saint John the Russian in Prokopi you can touch the relics of the saint. Don’t miss the incredibly interesting excursions to the Dragon Houses - giant stone structures, which have beenbuilt without fastening solutions. The height of buildings is 15 m.

Aidipsos is famous for its hot springs, where you can take a full course of treatment. The temperature of the water reaches 75 degrees and the depth is almost 3000 m.

Euboea Island will delight visitors with beautiful scenery, warm sea, excellent beaches, plenty of interesting sights (both historical and natural) and healing hot springs.